Thelemic Unconference

The 2017 Thelemic Unconference has been set!

May 19th – 21st

See the last Uncon’s information below for general details and look for more info to be posted.

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2016 UNCON

Join Golden Thread Camp for a weekend of Thelemic fellowship and education using a unique meeting style called an unconference July 15-17 2016. An unconference uses Open Space Technology to create a dynamic, fluid conference where participants bring their knowledge and passion to the event. Unlike the typical conference where a set schedule is planned weeks or months in advance, the classes are developed at the beginning of the meeting by the participants themselves.

Attendees are encouraged to share their passion and knowledge on all Thelemic and Magick-based topics.

Different teaching methods including round table discussions, hands on workshops, practice sessions,  etc can all be conducted within the unconference space.

Some ideas for classes could be (but are not limited to): a roundtable discussion on feminism and Thelema, a hands on workshop on how to conduct a ritual only using common implements in your car(MacGuyver Magus!), a practice session for working on with the Star Sapphire, etc. etc. The topics however are endless and are only limited to one’s Will.

The weekend’s festivities include a Meet and Greet on Friday July 15 at a local restaurant, the unconference itself on July 16(including lunch buffet and all day snacks/drinks) plus an evening ritual and a pancake breakfast/further discussion on Sunday July 17.

 The cost for the weekend, excluding Friday’s Meet and Greet refreshments and optional Saturday off site dinner, will be $45(plus a small Eventbrite fee). Locations of all events will be provided to participants a few months closer to the date, but all will be in the Pittsburgh area. 

Tickets are available here  here:

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