A Feast for Life: Grady Louis McMurtry

From the Master of Golden Thread Camp
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Grady Louis McMurtry was born in the early hours of October 18th, 1918 in the small town of Big Cabin, Oklahoma.”We are a community of the living and the dead.
We are the Deathless Stars who manifest
in a Higher State of Existence.
We are the Serpent Flower that is Death and Second Birth.
We are the next Stage of Oblivion.”

– Anthem from “The Mystical Marriage of the Soldier and the Queen”

In addition to his well known work in Yoga, Thelema, and O.T.O. – Grady was quite an accomplished poet.  He authored hundreds of poems that were published in dozens and dozens of magazines and journals.  His poetry displays an aspirant earnestly engaged with obtaining a personal understanding of the Thelemic system.  Crowley’s writings on Thelema come with an aura of authority and (in some cases) obscurity. In contrast, Grady may provide the reader with a relateable, fallible  student cutting his own way through the Mysteries.

A comprehensive collection of Grady’s work is available from “The Grady McMurtry Project” hosted by Blazing Star, O.T.O.


This first selection is for the participants of Golden Thread’s 777 Skype Discussions:

The Dweller on the Threshold
The Angel stood on Gilead
His wings a coursing flame
Two eyes of piercing fire he had
With folded arms he came
The Angel stood on Gilead
Pure number was his name

— Grady L. McMurtry
July 1961 e.v.

Grady sent the following poem to Crowley in one of his first letters.  It is pretty funny.

Frater Perdurabo, where have you gone,
Hast come a cropper of mystical brawn?
Frater Perdurabo, you’ve wandered afar,
Please tell us concerning the mythical star
That is of yourself and none other yet
Frater Perdurabo, why keep us in fret?
Now I say that you are a whole galaxy
With names that are numbered by systems of three,
But others are yelling that this isn’t so,
We must add and subtract you with fours, in a row,
By dividing and adding and squaring the cube
We’ll find you are nothing but some Irish rube,
Who with powers, dimensions, and shymical hobbs
Has taken to raising his korn for the khabs.
Some say you are Baphomet; puissant, supreme,
That you stand on your head in a dream of a dream;
Some say you are Crowley, a man what’s a man,
Who would if he could and usually can.
Some say you are known with five V’s in a string
Who ordered and templed a most solemn king;
Some say you are numbered by six and six six,
You would roast the profane on a bonfire of sticks
(All this for their own good, we no doubt suppose,
Tho a cross the wide land the foul stench a rose);
Some say you are Buddha, with bare pate and ghauts,
That you sit on a tack and think ponderous thoughts;
You say you can levi a tax on the brain
Whose constant perusal would rid of all pain;
Some say you are Therion, and therefore are free
Of adenoids, hay-fever, and such allergy;
Some say you are gypsy Ank Af, and construe
The scriptures you scribble to be literally true:
Nor must we forget on the Russian to count
Or how you kahn climb the Himalayan Mount.
All these and more others you are known by, it seems,
Frater Perdurabo, the spinner of dreams.

Grady McMurtry
12/20/41 e.v.

The Mystical Marriage of the Soldier and the Queen
I am the Virgin of the Queen.
Do you accept me?

I am the Representative of Heaven and Earth.
Do you accept me?

I am the Virgin whereby all things are accomplished,
but am not myself changed thereby.
Do you accept me?

Who accepts my burden may never lay me down.
Do you accept me?

Who binds himself to me can never again be free,
for I am all things to all men.
Do you accept me?

To seek me is to enter upon the Holy Quest for Oblivion,
for you must give All that you may attain Nothing.
Dare you accept me?

I am the Promise and I am the Fulfillment.
Dare you accept me?

I am the Negative in the Supernal Union
of the interpenetration of the Opposites.
Dare you accept me?

I am Purity beyond all comprehension of Cancellation.
I am the Balance of the Wheel, and the Fiery Feather of Maat.
Dare you accept me?

There is no holier vessel
than a Maiden who has become a Virgin,
for a Virgin may attain
even unto the Throne of the Queen.

We are a community of the living and the dead.
We are the Deathless Stars who manifest
in a Higher State of Existence.
We are the Serpent Flower that is Death and Second Birth.
We are the next Stage of Oblivion.

— Grady Louis McMurtry 6/28/62

Love is the law, love under will. 

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