Tarot Monthly Syllabus

In this year long Tarot class we will break down the Tarot deck into ten manageable sections where we can discuss each card in that section in detail.

There will be an introduction class at the beginning in which we briefly discuss the known history of the tarot, the meanings of the suits, differences in Tarot decks, and also a very basic explanation of Astrology symbols and energies for the signs and planets.

At the end of the course the last class will be to explore some Tarot spreads, reading techniques, and even practice giving others readings. The last class will also leave room for any questions anyone may still have concerning the Art of Tarot.

Since we will only be meeting once a month we will have some handouts each class to take home that will include some techniques and meditations you can use yourself to become even more familiar with the energies of each card.

Whether you are brand new to Tarot or a seasoned reader, this class will benefit those interested in knowing the Tarot more personally.

If a beginner, this class will give you a solid foundation and understanding of the Tarot to begin your own personal practice from.

If a seasoned reader this class can help you to see how much you have committed to memory on each card, remind you of any energies you may have forgotten are associated with each card, and show you which areas you might want to meditate upon more for a deeper understanding.

**This class is open to the public. There is a $5 suggested donation.

2017 Class outline:

January – Class one: Intro to Tarot; brief history of tarot, explanation of suits, basic symbols and meanings of the Astrological Signs and Planets.

February – Class two: First five Major Arcane(0-4)

March – Class three:Next five Major Arcane(5-9)

April – Class four: Next six Major Arcane(10-15)

May – Class five:Last six Major Arcane(16-21)

June – Class six: Court Cards (Active-Fire and Air)

July – Class seven: Court Cards (Passive-Water and Earth)

August – Class eight: Wands Minor Arcane

September – Class nine: Cups Minor Arcane

October – Class ten: Swords Minor Arcane

November – Class eleven: Disks Minor Arcane

December – Class twelve: Tarot spreads, practice readings, and open discussion/questions