Online Discussions



Golden Thread has ongoing discussions that are offered online. These discussions are currently held on Skype, once a week, for free. In the talks we discuss important Thelemic texts. In the past we have covered – Little Essays Toward Truth, Crowley on Christ and Liber Aleph. Currently we are covering 777 and other Qabalistic Writings. For a description of the sections we are covering weekly, go to: 777 Syllabus


To join in we ask that you make us your contact on Skype by searching our ID which is pittsburgh.thelema. Once you do this we will confirm you as a contact. At 8PM EST on Thursday nights the discussion begins. At this time call in (with just audio, no video) and we will add you into the group call.

These talks are for members and non-members alike. Join in!

We post weekly reminders on the sections we are covering from
our Facebook page.


Using its own special Skype channel, every year Golden Thread celebrates the Holy Season with a discussion group. For more information – Holy Season Discussion

For more questions – email –