A R T       I S        M A G I C K

Learn about this year’s artists. We have a beautiful array of poets, musicians and occult artists.

Poets and Writers:
Elijah Benedict Brown
David Churvis
Brian Nuckols
Gabriella Ercolani
Terry Murdock
Wil & Ron Christe


Visual Arts:
Celeste Neuhaus
Stacy Flinn
Fred Johnston
Thomas Mosier
Juniper Caldera
Steve Sikora
Megan Stoner
Debbie Knuth
Samantha Shaver
Jessica Earhart
K.C. Hamilton
Harry Courtright
Jennifer Dean
Pookie Pseu
Nick Noir
Courtney Padrutt


Spooky Action at a Distance

Artist Bio’s:

Spooky Action at a Distance will be playing both nights @ the Sagittarium Art Show! Friday (8 to 9pm) and Saturday (10 to 11pm).

About their production:
Spooky Action At A Distance is an improvisational electronic production team consisting of Justin Smith and Andrew Lent. The collaboration really started twenty years ago, but took a lot of time to actually get inspired to do something. Getting old and crabby helped. Harking to a time long past that never existed, SaAaD recreates the crusty futuristic atmosphere of cyberpunk sci-fi with spontaneously created electronic noises and hypnotic beats, and somehow it doesn’t sound like garbage. Their initial release “Part One: Chiba City Blues” will be released in December. They will be recording it at the Sagittarium Art Show in two sets.

Elijah Bennedict Brown, a local author, will be sharing excerpts from his books at the show!

About the Author:
EBB resides in Pittsburgh, where he uses all methods know to him of mysticism and magick to understand the nature of his own strange mind and answer the question of what good it is to the world at large. The results thus far are four novels, To My Divine Spark, La Maison de Lumiere, The Spirit Initiative, and The Cast Fetishist. No doubt the choice of prose for his best medium of expression has at least something to do with his masters of fine arts from the University of Pittsburgh

Stacy Flinn, local artist and occultist, will be showing her work both days of the art show!

About the Artist:
Stacy Flinn is a Pittsburgh based artist with a BFA in Art History and Graphic Design, whose work is heavily influenced by esoteric symbolism and icons. Her work is primarily embroidery and tapestry based.

Fred Johnston, a local artist and occultist, will be showing his work on both days of the show!

About the Artist:
Fred Johnston is a local massage therapist and tarot reader, and a practitioner of Witchcraft and Occultism for 25 years. His mostly acrylic paintings are inspired by his magical practices and visionary experiences. The art of William Blake, H. R. Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, and Clive Barker are among his biggest inspirations.

Celeste Neuhaus will be showing video documentation of a recent performance done at the Carnegie Museum.

About the Artist:
Celeste Neuhaus is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and witch. Her assemblages, performances, sculptures, and videos reveal elemental interrelations between the body, psyche, culture, planet, and cosmos. Through synthesizing these often compartmentalized ecologies, Celeste’s practice recontextualizes an aesthetics of healing.

Dave Churvis will be reading poetry at the show again this year!

About the Poet:
Dave Churvis (Frater Phosarktos) is an engineer, poet, and craftsman hailing from Buffalo, New York. He is a Thelemic Jew and a disciple of love in all its various forms. After the debut of his first collection “Cornflower Blue” at Sagittarium 2017, Dave returns with selections from his newest works. His new collection “The Haunting” is a series of poems, one written every day over the course of a single month. It is an exploration of memories, ghosts, and the ties that bind: each poem brief, raw, and true.

Thomas Mosier, a local artist and occultist, will be showing his artwork again this year!

About the Artist:
Thomas Mosier is a Pittsburgh based painter whose work attempts to span the gap between art and math, utilizing sacred geometry as the bridge. His paintings represent order forming out of chaos, and present/future work will focus more on projective geometry. Mosier received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon and his work has been exhibited in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Japan.

Juniper Caldera is showing her paintings at this year’s show!

About the Artist:
Juniper Caldera is a Reclaiming Witch, artist, sex educator, and mother to wild and growing beings. Her Work as a Priestess & Witch centers around the tactile experiences of embodied magic, art, and plants. Juniper’s current medium for creativity is acrylics on canvas, where she plays with texture and color, and uses both brushes and fingertips to connect with the medium. Her work is created from a place of deep inspiration and joyfulness. Juniper Caldera practices art and magic to come fully into oneness with her Godself; she sees this work as a volcano rising from the ocean floor, destroying and creating through beautiful lava flows and fermenting magma chambers. Her magical superpower is childlike enthusiasm woven with years of life experience. Paintings on display this year are inspired by the Greek Myth of Persephone.

Brian Nuckols will be sharing poetry at this year’s art show!

About the Poet:
Brian is a poet working in the United States of America. His current project is A few for Lily. It’s a dangerous book of poetry designed to trigger intense dream states that lead to psychological breakthroughs.

Pigeon will be showing their work at this year’s show!

About the Artist:
Pigeon is a birb who lives in the city of Pittsburgh with a cat named Soybean. They are a mystic, a ritualist, an anarchist, a witch, a kinkster, an artist, and a healer. The magic that they bring to ritual and community is a deep empathy, groundedness, and fluidity. They are drawn to Reclaiming because of the ecstatic nature of rituals speaks to their deep need for experience over observation.

Pigeon’s spiritual work is centered in reclaiming their Catholic upbringing through heresy, sacred sexuality, pleasure activism, art, and mutual aid. They use their knowledge and energy being an active member of the ritual planning team of Reclaiming Pittsburgh, a zinester and artist with Garlic Witch Zines, an activist, and a sex educator. In their spare time Pigeon likes to forage for mushrooms, identify plants,  and visit old churches.

Pigeon’s art is centered in mystic experience and trancework. Through illustration, pigeon practices trance by using slow and repetitive patterns throughout their artwork. Their paintings are an exploration of mystic experience and are images that reflect their experiences with the divine. You can find more of Pigeon’s work on instagram @garlicwitchzines

Critter will be showing their work at this year’s show!

About the Artist:
Critter is your average forest monster. They love hanging out with witches and stealing magical books from old wizards. When a magical experiment goes right, this shapeshifter will log it either by writing or drawing the results. You can find their work with Garlic Witch Zine Collective through facebook or instagram.

Steve Sikora, local artist, will be showing his work for the second year in a row!

About the Artist:
Steve Sikora also goes by Frankie Moon. 37 year old artist from Ebensburgh PA. Influenced by spirit science, hedonism, and horror.

Megan Stoner will be showing her artwork for the second year in a row!
About the Artist:
I’m a student getting a glimpse of my spirituality and I currently draw and write words dedicated to the pure satisfaction of my thoughts. Most of my work is inspired by dark ideas and brought into the light.

Debbie Knuth will be vending and showing her art!

About the Artist:
My name is Debbie Knuth and I have been involved in witchcraft for about 16 years. I am a psychic medium and enjoy working with herbs and practicing the art of scrying.
I have been in love with art since I was young but I could not survive the frustration of not being able to recreate the images I saw in my head. So I chose to appreciate art instead.
In the last three years I discovered crafting and have found a way to use my artistic talents and the art of witchcraft together to create sacred objects for everyday use.
I believe art to be magic in action, the very definition of “As above so below” As we envision creations in our mind we can then manifest them into being.

Gabriella Ercolani will be sharing excerpts from her stories both nights of the show.

About the Author:
Gabriella Ercolani is a proud Strega descendant and Thelemite who has been writing since the age of ten. Writing has been her primary means of magical work ever since. She wrote her way through two years as a theater major, which saw her play, Ave Maria produced at the Duncan Theater in Lake Worth, Florida. She won the Marshall B. Woods Literary Award for that script. Her full-length play Venus Rising was performed as a staged reading at The Ensemble Studio Theater in New York City in the mid-nineties. Her short story, “Discretion” was published with the East Side Writer’s group in 2008. She is a member of Beautiful Blasphemy, a northeast Ohio artists’ collective, and has published a chapbook entitled Billy under the pseudonym “Mama Evil” with that collective. She won a merit scholarship to Lesley University in 2017 and will be graduating with an MFA in fiction this coming January. She lives on a small farm in Northeast Ohio with her husband, Michael and their three dogs, Buck, Sophie, and Juno.

Samantha Shaver will be showing her work again this year!

About the Artist:
Samantha Shaver is inspired by Wind, Sky, Fire, River, Sea, Woods, Caves, and Love. She channels these Voices into her work. The creation of art is a living ritual, an act of dancing and healing, of thought and pleasure. It is also a potential doorway to connecting with and learning from others. Her favorite mediums are woodworking, painting, embroidery, language, and music. To All who Wander and Wonder.

Terry Murdock will be sharing his poetry at this years show!

About the poet:
Terry is still riding high on the thrill of outliving Blockbuster and never returning a copy of “Event Horizon”. As an international “person of interest” hopeful, he spends his days picking up pennies from railroad tracks and waiting for the hour when his heart will be weighed against an empty VHS clamshell case.

Jessica Earhart will be selling her collage prints at this year’s show!

About the Artist:
Talented local artist Jessica Earhart knows just what to extract from the pages of magazines. Her work is beautiful, other-worldly, classy, quirky and utterly delightful.

Coruscate will be playing at the Sagittarium Art Show! Saturday night @ 8pm!

Sarah Capps is a musician, performing artist, and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She has studied French horn for over 18 years; in addition to vocals, bass, and synths. Growing up near Savannah, GA, her music draws on the sacred and occult influences. Her performance art as Coruscate combines the traditional instrument of french horn with original found, sampled, and reorganized electronic music. She also performs as SFTNSS, Other Ocean, and with Miniature Suns.

Wil & Ron Christe are Gemini brothers whose birthdays are 370 rays apart. They collaborated on an artistic reinterpretation of an existing work: what if the words to this song had been different? What if they whispered about something more?

Lyrics: Wil. Vocals: Ron

No ownership of intellectual property is claimed or implied. This is purely an expression of whimsy.

Nick Noir, artist and magician, will be showing his work at Sagittarium!

About the Artist:
The Eyes of the Oracle is a cultivated expression that has been Envisioned by spirit! I am a vessel for which spirit comes through with a message for you.

I am the spirit
I a m the portal
I am the eyes of the oracle

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