Golden Thread works hard at bringing you a growing community, where people can share their ideas, learn from one another and keep the magick alive in the Pittsburgh area. The combined contributions of our Paying Members is what allows us to maintain our temple-space and continue to develop as a group. If you would like to be a part of this effort, enriching and sustaining our community, please consider becoming a Member of Golden Thread.

Gaining membership to Golden Thread will not only get you a free pass to our everyday events, it will also preserve and cultivate our presence.

Find out how you can contribute! Golden Thread’s Dues Policy is at the bottom of this page. You can also contact the Treasury directly at:

If you are a paying member of Golden Thread, we thank you!

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There are many ways to contribute to our camp, making it a successful place to learn and grow. One very appreciated and direct way is monetarily. If you would like to contribute to our camp, here is the layout of our memberships and contribution levels:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The policies and the guidelines that follow are for the Golden Thread Treasury
Valley of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 2016
(Revised 12/28/2016)

Golden Thread  offers three options for paying dues. These three ranges are – At Distance Membership ($11 – $30), Full Membership ($31 – $99) and Minotaur Membership ($100+). Affiliates have the ability to choose which dollar amount fits their budget. Whichever amount the affiliate chooses determines their membership type. Affiliates are encouraged to pledge whatever amount is convenient to them within any of the three dues ranges for a continuous six-month period. At the end of this initial six-month period, affiliates can change their pledge amount if necessary.  Additional donations are always welcome and cases of financial hardship can be discussed with the Treasurer.  Anyone who wishes to support the Golden Thread can pay dues.  We appreciate any and all support. 

At Distance Membership: An at-distance member is someone who has the will to support Golden Thread and resides a lengthy distance from the Valley of Pittsburgh. Dues are Eleven to thirty dollars per month. Standard class fees are waived for at-distance members.  As well as being included in any announcements, upcoming events, and activities Golden Thread is hosting or participating in that are open to the public; hospitality will be provided for traveling at-distance members.. If you would like an at distance membership to GT please contact the treasurer (information at the end of the policies and guidelines) so we can start processing your information. Please allow one week for a response.

Full Membership:  A full member is a member who has the Will to support Golden Thread with the amount of thirty-one to ninety-nine dollars a month. Standard class fees are waived for full members.  Discounted entry fee for special events, such as a Guest speakers or Yoga classes will be available when possible. A full member will also have the added benefits of advising the body on events and activities that GT is proposing by providing input at our planning meetings. Also, a full member will have the advantage of participating in member-only events and obtaining access to the GT’s library, ritual tools, and resources. A full member will also gain consideration for being a Golden Thread officers. The more full members that Golden Thread has the more events and classes we can provide for the community!  We need your support.

Minotaur Membership: A Minotaur Member has found the center of the maze. Minotaur members will receive a special Minotaur gift.  A Minotaur member has all aforementioned privileges of full membership.  In addition, a Minotaur member has the privilege of reserving the Temple space, ritual tools, and other resources for personal ritual use (when available). Requirements of a Minotaur member are that they have been a full member of excellent report, are dues current, and have been in good standing with GT for at least a period of six months without incident, and are approved by the Body Master. Minotaurs have the additional responsibility of informing new members of the rules and policies of the local body, while also making them feel welcome and helping them to find ways to participate.

Dues are required to be given by the end of the first week of every month.

Pay via PayPal from the Golden Thread website or direct funds to
Alternate payment methods are detailed below. 

Hardship Cases
If you would like to discuss special circumstances for cases of financial hardship, please contact the treasurer. Any level of contribution is accepted and appreciated by GTC.

United States Grand Lodge Requirements for dues

Golden Thread does not require its members to also be members of USGL, O.T.O. However, it is required of any member of USGL, O.T.O. to be current on their Grand Lodge dues in order to remain in good standing at Golden Thread. Initiation fees of the Man of Earth Degrees (Minerval though the Fourth Degree and P.I.) include one year of USGL dues. Therefore, if you remain in a degree for more than a year, without taking an initiation you must directly send your dues to USGL, in accordance with the degree you hold.

If a member is in arrears with their US Grand Lodge dues they are prohibited from participating in member only events, including initiations. If a member has become inactive with USGL and wishes to become current again, they must pay one year of back dues at their current degree, and one year of dues for either their current degree or the degree to which they are being initiated, in which instance the current years dues would be part of the initiation fee. “Demitted” (inactive) Minervals may become current again only by taking the First degree initiation; no back dues are required of demitted Minervals. Further explanation can be found at

Methods of payment to Golden Thread
The Golden Thread will not accept any checks or money orders for any payment of dues, event fees or merchandise.

We will however accept cash, card, or payment by PayPal (

In-person payments can be made directly to the treasurer.

PayPal payments will need to be submitted to the treasurer. You will need to add a description in the message field to indicate what the payment is for. The description needs to include the date, your name, and what the payment is for.

Payment or notice of payment are only to be given to the Treasurer or Body master. Please, never leave payment with another Golden Thread member of officer.

Questions or Disputes
If a member has any questions about their current dues status or other Golden Thread related financial matters, they should contact the Treasurer via email to request information or ask a specific question. The treasurer can provide a complete statement of the member’s financial activity within one week of the request. It is your responsibility to have your financial activity “done well” and “in business way”. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to do the same, but for Golden Thread.

If a member has concern or dispute regarding a financial matter, the member may contact the Treasurer to discuss or resolve the matter. If the Treasurer is unable to resolve the issue adequately, the member may contact the Body master to discuss the issue further. In cases of dispute, the Body Master shall make the final determination regarding resolution of the issue.

Remember that our financial foundations keep us open and running. Support yourself, Support Golden Thread. It is every single strand that accentuates the beauty and complexity of the knot.

Love is the law, love under will.

Daniel Stout, Treasurer
Terry Murdock, Master
Golden Thread Camp
Valley of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
(Revised 12/28/16)