Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Mission Statement to come…..


Golden Thread can be reached a number of ways. Here are a few links and addresses which will serve to connect you with us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/goldenthreadoto/
Meetup.com: http://www.meetup.com/goldenthreadoto/
Instagram: golden_thread_oto
Skype: pittsburgh.thelema

General Email Inquiries: secretary@goldenthread-oto.org
Treasury: treasurer@goldenthread-oto.org
Hospitality: uncon@goldenthread-oto.org


Golden Thread Camp is located at 507 1/2 Grant Ave. Millvale, PA. 15209. If you are planning to visit, there is street parking available right on Grant Ave as well as side streets.

jhgfdsConversely, if you are looking for the O.T.O. body nearest you, and are not located near Pittsburgh, PA, here is a list of O.T.O. bodies in the U.S. http://oto-usa.org/locations/ as well as a list of bodies which are forming http://ec.oto-usa.org/camp_in_formation.html. At both of these links you will find contact information.

Here are some of the closest O.T.O. bodies to ours:
Black Sun Lodge (Cleveland, OH): http://blacksun93.org/
William Blake Lodge (Baltimore, MD): https://www.williamblakeoto.org/
Thelesis Oasis (Philadelphia, PA): http://thelesis.org/
Pyramid Lodge (Buffalo, NY): http://www.pyramidlodge.com/
Sword and Serpent Oasis (Dayton, OH): http://www.swordandserpent-oto.org/
Azul Nox Encampment (Hanover, PA): http://www.azulnox.org/
Blue Equinox Oasis (Detroit, MI): http://www.blueequinox.org/

Picture captured from http://oto-usa.org/locations/
Picture captured from: http://oto-usa.org/locations/


Golden Thread is located on Skype! We offer weekly discussions, right from a computer or phone. For more information – Online Discussions

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